Perishing Without Vision (An Excerpt)

By Shereá Denise

...Though I am far from a goal aficionado and my vision board had to go through multiple phases before I started to really get a sense of order and clarity to my life, I feel like my mistakes are something that should be shared so that, hopefully, I can prevent other people from having to wander through the wilderness before finding their clearly marked path. Below you will find a few of my tips relating to curating your vision and understanding your purpose.


  1. Define success and happiness for yourself. Post your definition somewhere where you will see it often. Make sure that the things you are doing or planning speak to these definitions. Do not become consumed with other people’s definitions. Their life is not yours to live.

  2. Ask for help, then pay attention to the signs around you and the insight provided by others. These are your answers. Write down significant quotes. Document dreams or thoughts that come to you while meditating. Never overlook or dismiss those people or things that are meant to guide you. Answers are everywhere.

  3.  Set 5 major goals that you want to accomplish at some point in life. Divide multiple goals into 5 categories if you have to. Track your progress. Some people suggest setting deadlines for each goal, but that practice just gave me anxiety. Do what works for you. Remember this list. Revisit it as your perspective changes and you find clarity regarding your life’s purpose.

  4. Use affirmations. Speak things into existence. Speak positive things over yourself even if you are not quite able to fully believe them or believe that they will happen just yet. Be open to how things develop. Do not be so specific in your planning that you do not leave room to have your mind blown.

  5. Celebrate your victories, regardless of how big or small they are. Your life is not solely about crossing things off your list. It is also about knowing when to pat yourself on the back and recognize the progress that you have made.


My hope is that these suggestions assist you in staying inspired on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. My hope is that these suggestions allow you to break out of any situational or self-imposed ruts in order to live, be, and do the things that will lead to your on-going happiness. Be encouraged. Be blessed. Stay inspired.