“Give me a song of hope and love

And a brown girl’s heart to hear it.”

                             - Pauli Murray


We are all hoping for something. We are all seeking something or someone. What we are seeking and our reasons for seeking it may not be properly articulated just yet, but - what we are certain of - is that we are hopeful that whatever we are seeking will become available to us.

The thoughts that I have surrounding hopefulness and seeking led me to create #SheSeeksHer in January of 2017.

#SheSeeksHer began on Twitter after several women on multiple social media platforms contacted me regarding their hopes to find love, friendship, and community among other women who identified similarly to them. At the time, Cherrelle Brown’s Twinder was quite popular, but several LGBTQ Women of Color indicated that they wanted something of their own. Various women approached me asking, specifically, for me to pair them with someone and/or play “matchmaker.” Though I understood their reasons for doing so, I felt that nobody else was qualified to articulate what they were seeking but them.

Since its release on Twitter, #SheSeeksHer has assisted in further establishing a sense of community among Women of Color who identify as part of the LGBTQ Community. Though there have been some romantic interests explored over time, the purpose of #SheSeeksHer is not solely a romantic one. Sometimes the “her” that we seek is a romantic interest, but sometimes the “her” is a friend, a confidant, or a “vision doula” of sorts. (Word to Essence Magazine!)

The guidelines for participation in #SheSeeksHer have continued to evolve over time, becoming more specific in some ways and more general in others. The premise, however, remains the same: I want to help people articulate what it is that they are seeking in hopes that they will then attract it.

For those interested in participating in #SheSeeksHer, additional information regarding the guidelines for submission and engagement are available on Twitter by searching the #SheSeeksHer hashtag or by emailing thiswomanswords5@gmail.com.