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She is Afro Indigenous

Updated: Feb 17

She stands tall

amongst cedar trees, amongst her ancestors

who stand on the Ivory Coast,

and amongst her ancestors

who stand on Carolina river shores.

Her skin shines ebony as she stands there,

hand in hand with the Moon,

as tides come in and bow at their collective power,

bowing with fin and claw.

She is Yésah. She is Afro Indigenous.

She stands firm

in the truth her people ache for

during court proceedings

advocating against domestic violence,

and during lectures teaching students

how to elevate their voices.

She uses her fierce fire

and unquenchable thirst for justice

while writing late nights

and transmuting her own experiences.

She is Yésah. She is Afro Indigenous.

*The second stanza is dedicated to Shereá D. Burnett who is Afro-Indigenous, a proud citizen of the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation, and founder of ThisWomansWords. This poem, the image, and more of Dominique's work is featured in her book, Seeds: Stories of Afro Indigenous Resilience.


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