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Lotions, Potions, & So Much More

An Interview with Rasheda Likely (Part One)

Black Guilt

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Perishing Without Vision (Excerpt)

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Ain't I A Woman?

The Struggle for Equality in Healthcare

It's All One Big Experiment

An Interview with Rasheda Likely (Part Two)

Prayer Without Works

Your Prayers Are Not Stopping Police Brutality

Is It More Than White Coat Syndrome?

Implicit Bias in the Medical Field

Pauli Taught Me

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The Gold You Were Given

A Tribute to Congressman

Elijah Cummings



In Honor of Indigenous Peoples' Day 2020


America is Burning

#JusticeForBreonna Taylor

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Let the Experts Be Experts

Why We Must Defund the Police

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Hate the Sin?

Written for Women AdvaNCe