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Too often Women of Color are left to carry the weight of the issues plaguing their communities. Many have found that it is practically impossible to juggle the demands of their communities/families, their work/civic engagement, and their own well-being. Unfortunately, their well-being tends to take a backseat to the needs that are perceived to be more pressing. Women of Color forego medical treatment and mental health treatment due to time constraints, other responsibilities, and financial issues. Due to the shame and bias that is frequently attached to mental health in Communities of Color, it is also challenging for Women of Color to explore the necessary resources that could provide them with the appropriate coping skills and boundaries to thrive while continuing to help others as they choose. From community violence to police brutality to socioeconomic issues and wealth disparities, Women of Color are often left feeling as if their personal health/mental health problems are small by comparison. As a result, many wounds are left unhealed and trauma is left unaddressed. 

Eating From the Garden is a two-day event intended to offer workshops to Women of Color that will allow them time and space to express their concerns while also offering them various tools that can be added to their personal toolkit for coping. Women of Color who are medical professionals and mental health professionals, as well as community members, will participate as panelists in each workshop. There will be discussions of some of the issues faced by these women and what tools proved most useful for them in beginning and/or continuing their journey towards healing.

This event is made possible by Impact Alamance's Community Forward Grant.

Our Location:

Rosebud's Dance Studio is located in Burlington, North Carolina. Rosebud's is a Black woman owned dance studio where experienced dance teachers teach all styles of dance.  Learn more here

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