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An Interview with Tiara Campbell of  Tee Designs

& T's Tutoring Services

By Shereá Denise

 1. How long have you been a business owner? Tell us about your business(es).

I have the pleasure of owning both of my business since 2020! My first business, Tee Designs, sparked as an interest of mine during my senior year of high school while I was taking yearbook classes. The hobby grew when I attended Bennett College and became the Public Relations Specialist for different organizations on campus. I officially birthed Tee Designs, in 2020. It is a graphic design and photography business that brings your vision to life through photos, invitations, save the dates, logos, websites, business branding and more! My second business is T’s Tutoring Services. I began working as a tutor when I was in eighth grade, and I have continued tutoring ever since and have worked with different tutoring centers and colleges as a tutor. During the peak of the pandemic in 2020, I noticed that my students were missing and struggling with different concepts through virtual learning. It dawned on me that if my students are struggling, how are other students doing with this major shift in their learning? Through this thought process, T’s Tutoring Service was birthed and services different students not only in the Triad area but also within the east coast. 


2.   Did you always know that you wanted to be a business owner or did something specific lead to it?


I have always been intrigued with entrepreneurship. My mom was a teacher, but teaching was never her first love. While she was in college at Morris Brown College, and later Morgan State University, she studied Business Administration and Art. While growing up, my mom taught me the beauty of not only education but the beauty of business as well. Through this, as I was learning what I was passionate about in life, I was able to have different opportunities that have led me to the business owner I am today.

3.   What has been one of the most difficult aspects of being a business owner? What do people not see or not think about as part of your responsibilities?


Balance. Some business owners balance full time jobs while maintaining their business(es) and it is not easy. I work as an elementary school teacher, and I balance my two businesses part time. This can lead to long days, nights, and even weeks. Some people do not see the work and consistency it takes to balance it all, especially life.


4.   What has been the best part of starting your own business? What makes it worth continuing this journey?


The best part of starting my own business is watching it grow. I am still new in the business world but the growth that I have watched it make in the past two years is amazing. I am excited for the future of both of my businesses and what is to come!


5.   What advice would you give to new business owners or those interested in starting their own business?


Don’t give up. It’s not always easy but it is worth it. It may take long days and/or nights and the outcome that you want may not come right away but keep going. The work that you put in now will definitely be worth it.


6.   Where do you see Black-owned businesses dropping the ball?


Black-owned businesses can drop the ball in many areas. I have seen it personally in two ways. First, through price dropping and discounts. Black businesses need to release and know our worth. We don’t have to continue dropping our prices for business because we don’t think we are worth that price because we are. Our work speaks for itself, and customers will pay. Secondly, how Black-owned businesses treat their customers. As we continue to evolve and grow as business-owners, we must remember that we aren’t above anyone and we still need to show great customer service towards customers.


7.   How could the Black Community do more to support Black-owned businesses? How could we better support you?


Support! Support! Support! Support through shopping, spreading the word, and helping us promote ourselves.

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