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Five years & counting...

March 18, 2022 marks the five-year anniversary of the launch of! In the last five years I have truly grown to embrace the importance of both written words and spoken words in my life and in my community. While prior years highlighted the use of my pen, the last year spotlighted my ever-growing interest in the words written by others. In 2021 I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in literacy programming for children, to highlight the written work of women of color, to facilitate discussions about adult literacy, to coordinate virtual LGBTQ+ People of Color poetry nights, and to join other advocates in various conversations about how we can use our words and actions to assist and positively impact the marginalized people in our communities.


THANK YOU to each person who has supported the ThisWomansWords brand over the last five years! Thank you for the reposts, for showing up at various events, for being willing to have difficult conversations, and for helping the causes that are important to me to gain more attention.

I look forward to what this brand can continue to grow into and the words that can continue to be shared and uplifted in this space and others. I think that what I said for the four year anniversary bears repeating: 

…As is the tradition in this space, let us continue to write the words that we need and want to read. Let us continue to stand in the gap by fulfilling the needs that are identified but seldom addressed. Let us continue to work towards finishing the business of our ancestors in a nation that seldom speaks their names or recognizes their excellence. Here's to a future that we create from the magic of our words and the strength of our faith. Here's to naming what hurts us and celebrating what heals us. Here's to the words – both written and spoken – that leave their mark on those we have never met and that enter rooms where we will never step…

It has been such a wonderful ride. Happy five years!


About ThisWomansWords

The mission of ThisWomansWords is to elevate the voices, words, and experiences of those identifying as part of marginalized communities with a specific emphasis on communities that include Afro-Indigenous women, Children of Color, and LGBTQ+ People of Color.


We have embodied this mission through:


  • Writing articles and blog posts about a variety of topics that impact marginalized communities for multiple publications.

  • Establishing literacy-based initiatives for Children of Color while advocating for diverse children’s books to be added to the shelves of public libraries and Little Free Libraries in Alamance County, North Carolina. The literacy-based initiatives established have included: a Virtual Reading Series, sharing/distributing literacy resources, compiling reading lists, and hosting a Virtual Book Fair.

  • Creating the These Women’s Words space to elevate the voices of Black and Indigenous women.

  • Participating in, coordinating, and facilitating events and conversations to raise awareness about issues impacting marginalized communities. 

  • Supporting Black and Indigenous Authors and Business Owners via website features, interviews, and the establishment of the 2021 Virtual Book Fair Shopping Guide and the ThisWomansWords’ Black and Indigenous Business Directory.


Look out for additional opportunities to partner with and support ThisWomansWords in the very near future!

Learn more about the founder of ThisWomansWords, Shereá Burnett, here.

About Shereá Denise

Community Features & Interviews

Learn more about various Black businessowners and Indigenous/Afro-Indigenous community members and advocates by clicking on the images below.

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