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In a world that doesn’t want women to control their bodies I am here to make a statement Being a she by anatomy or by living your reality Grants you the same opportunities as those who are he Yet those he’s get to hem and haw upon what we do with our she That shit ain’t fair You reserve the right to choose To decide if that heartbeat is actually a sign of life When heart cells in a Petri palpitate the same way the muscle in your chest cavity does To decide If you want to birth trauma and have our mamas mama bring God into it God was there when my mothers husband decided these legs divided were worth more than my purity So throwing religion at me won’t help this The inability to control yourself because a substance has influenced you The fact that you can’t see me for me because subjectively I’m objectivity Saying I was dressed provocatively and I was asking for it won’t help this I was wearing jeans and a hoody And if I wasn’t.... Would that validate the lack of consent? Would that validate the lack of common sense? Of course not.


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