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Reality Check

Sex with me doesn’t mean I like you

Sex with me doesn’t mean I want you

Sex with me doesn’t mean I love you

What it means is you and I have needs that we can reach as one

It means that if you come, then we will cum

Climaxing until we cease to exist and take a nap of post coital bliss

And shit

If you tryna do it again I’m down

But consistency doesn’t equate an “us” or “we”

Consider that "we" only exist when this door is closed

Any other time I might act like I don’t know you

Of course I’m gonna be cordial

But peep that I only speak when I’m spoken to

“We” only creep between the sheets on a schedule

I don’t want to meet your friends

That’s mad uncomfortable

I’m not taking you on a date

We just fuckin boo

And now you in ya feelings

Now you want my time

Ain’t nobody tell you to break up with that nigga

I don’t want you to be mine

I already know I can’t trust you

I could give a fuck less that you fine

How can you expect me to date a cheater?

I was never tryna be the main, just the side nigga.

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