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Dearly Departed

you’ve been trying to visit me but I often cut you off I want nothing from you not words, not even a Christmas card I want nothing to do with you I welcomed you everyday like business as usual but I can no longer welcome you with open arms I’m through with you you mean me no good only harm I finally realized if I want happiness I can claim it I wanna be so engulfed with that and success that you won’t be able to change it won’t be able to stain it I’m claiming it go bother with somebody else I’m reclaiming my time I want to be better for me not for anybody else living with you inside me will only cause my demise it will only put me in the hospital and in danger for those of you thinking this is another poem about a girl it’s not this poem is dedicated to something that has frequented me for a long time but I’m finally getting control of it this poem is dedicated to my anger.


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