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Welcome Back

I was so selfishly worried about all the things going on around me and what I was going through I didn’t even think of what my absence would do to you how cruel I was to you neglecting you emotionally disrespecting you being about the wrong people when I should have been about you it’s you and it’s always been you it will always be you what we have is beautiful though I know somehow the lines got blurred and you couldn’t figure out who I was being true to when I learned that you had cut me off temporarily I didn’t let it affect me time went on and I missed you I thought everyday about how I had been foolish towards you cause who was I to do that to you when one of the reasons I’m able to stand so tall is because you I wasn’t showing it but I did and will always love you I started to feel like a bad person I created distance within us and because of that distance I couldn’t even help you when you were hurting fast forward we reconnected I’ve been elated ever since then I cried tears of joy when you welcomed me back in your world with open arms I’m happy we didn’t allow my past wrong doing stop us from weathering the storm let me tell you what you mean to me I appreciate you more than you know love you more than you know I pray for your health, wealth and your growth I missed the jokes I missed the laughter I missed all the good vibes and good times we would capture I’m happy we’re back to that place I’m happy that I’m able to still make you laugh and put a smile on your face I’m happy to be able to watch you grow into an even more amazing person thank you for always making me feel worth it thank you for loving me thank you for putting up with me you been with me through everything by your side I will remain this is a forever thing.


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